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Ok, brief is done. What's next?

His Majesty pre-production – first stage in video creation
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We continue talking about the process of b2b video creation from the idea to final product. Usually the works include such stages: briefing, creatives & pre-production, shooting and post-production.

So, the brief is done, all that millions questions from video  production are also done (remember? good brief = cool video) and now it’s time to make a video. But shooting later – first we need to create the idea, to write the scenario, to calculate the budget, to make the timing and other important things (casting, scenery etc). How to call this massive list of tasks? We call it pre-production and this is what this article is about.

Pre-production: how to and how long

Pre-production includes all scope of works on the project from the idea to the moment when the shooting starts. Usually a big part of pre-production falls on creative works. It is the time when the agency or videoproduction studies the brief, brainstorms the ideas, selects the best ones and approves the final concept with the client. Next comes the script/scenario, storyboard, budget calculations and timing of the project. If necessary, we also do the casting, location scouting, create the scenery and select some frames on stocks. Yes, all these tasks are to be done BEFORE the shooting starts.

As for the terms, it always depends on the type of video. It can be few days for preparation if we are shooting backstage. Or 2-3 weeks for the strategy and creative works in case of commercial ads. Or month and even more if we need to build the scenery and have big casting.

Creative: based on idea or on budget

First let’s define what means the creative stage. Usually you brief the agency, they go thinking and after a certain time brings you several concepts and budgets for each of them. You choose a concept or a vector of further creative works and continue with it. The agency finalizes the idea, creates a script and storyboard, approves the budget, timing and starts with shooting prep: casting, locations, directing, etc. This is a classic way to work on creative idea but not the only possible.

Sometimes the client has limited budget, and the task is to get into this budget. In this case all creatives and next steps are planned according to money limits. So we will start with references and moodboards to show you which product can be created on the budget you have. 

How we in SAHAL do the creative

In video production all stages are important. But the idea is the basis because it starts all works.  Remember, the idea should work for your business. For this reason we don't just create ideas for the video – we create ideas that solve the tasks of your business.

We always start with a client's briefing, ask questions, get the answers. Then the creative team goes into action. We brainstorm and generate the ideas (even crazy 😊), test, reject, find better ones and finally the brilliant. Next we make the presentation, describe all concepts, add references, consider the budget and terms of production for each idea. All internal creative works usually take 2-3 weeks (but it always depends on project complexity). Then we present everything to the client and wait for feedback.

What's next? We finalize the concept, approve the budget and the terms. In parallel we prepare the shooting process. Lights, camera, motor in 3… 2… action!

How to check that the project moves good

Idea, time and money are the keys for successful filming process. In the language of production it means creative, timing and budget. These are the basics of video creation and they always depend on each other. A common enough story, sometimes there’s no budget for a certain idea. Or tight deadlines, when the ad was needed for last Tuesday. So, keep in mind one more important role of pre-production – it helps to know the realities of the project and to avoid surprises on next stages.

Finally, let’s sum up.

Pre-production goes in the right direction if you discuss these three key things: creative, budget and timing. And when you have finally approved them, it’s time to start the shooting 😊

In Sahal Creative we develop ideas, create strategies, advertising campaigns and videos for B2B marketing. If you are looking for video production in Dubai, Istanbul or Kyiv, feel free to contact us: 

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